Actuarial Analysis Rooted in Detail



  • Formalized data inputs
  • Standard deterministic and stochastic estimates from flexibly specified portfolios
  • Visualization
  • Open-source handoff
  • Training

Users of the Software


  • Insurance companies
  • Self-Insureds with significant P&C reserves
  • Actuarial consultants

Actuarial Research


Ongoing research in the actuarial science space. Still building on the Murphy Method. Please contact to collaborate. 

About Us


We want you to be able to do your job better

Trinostics treats clients as trusted partners, and vice versa. With trust comes open communication and the means to consider an expanded array of potential strategies. 

Our partners share data, intellectual capital, and business acumen in full confidentiality, trusting in and benefiting from the integrity demanded by our actuarial profession.

We do the best we can so you can do the best you can.


Our experience

In 30+ years as a consultant and actuary, Dan Murphy, President and founder of Trinostics LLC, is at the forefront of the general actuarial profession's transition from spreadsheets to R and other open-source fintech tools. 

The professional organizations that guide the standards of practice and integrity of Trinostics' work are the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA).

Trinostics collaborates with professionals around the world to support insurance companies and self-insureds, both private and public. We are always looking for new, interesting, and fun ways to collaborate -- please contact us at dmurphy @ or by using the form below.

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