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Spreadsheets will always have their place in the summary and communication of quantitative investigations.

Big data actuarial analysis needs more muscle. 

Actuarial Analysis Rooted in Detail


  •  Formalized data inputs
  • Standard deterministic and stochastic estimates from flexibly specified portfolios
  • Visualization
  • Open-source handoff
  • Training

Users of the software

  • Insurance companies
  • Self-Insureds with significant P&C reserves
  • Actuarial consultants

Actuarial Research

Ongoing analysis. Please contact to collaborate.

About Us

Our Experience

In 30+ years as an actuarial consultant and mathematician, Dan Murphy, President and founder of Trinostics LLC, has urged the transition of the Property/Casualty actuarial profession from spreadsheets to more sophisticated statistical tools. 

We work with insurance companies and self-insured companies, both private and public.

Why Us?

Trinostics' customers treat us as a trusted partner. And it works both ways. You trust us with your business issues and proprietary data. We trust you with our actuarial estimates and advice.

Trinostics uses today's technology to build understanding of the broad nature of actuarial projections. Why not get the full picture before making your decision?

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